Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bin Laden, Noam Chomsky and Climate Change

If there is anything common between Osama bin Laden and Noam Chomsky, it is their criticism of American imperialism across the world. Only that bin Laden is waging the battle in the deserts, while Chomsky is battling it out in the intellectual sphere.

Unlike his normal religious calls for Jihad, Bin Laden blamed America and the West's industrialisation for causing climate change. In addition, with reference to Chomsky, he portrayed US foreign policy as that of the policies of Mafia. Maybe this was a reference to what Chomsky said back in November 2009.

Also, Bin Laden attacks at the heart of American imperialism by calling to get rid of the US dollar as a reserve currency. Maybe he supports a Gold Standard, whereby politicians and their cronies cannot control the supply of money at their whims. Interestingly, such gold standards are advocated by Islamic organisations such as Hizb ut-Tahrir and also by the Far Right.


Anonymous said...

there is a huge difference between Bin laden and Naom. it may be the case you can relate some of the things they say, but bin ladens aim and understanding and the end goal could be poles apart from that of Naom Chomsky.

meekaaku said...

I am not saying they are same or similar. IF there is one thing common, it is the criticism of US foreign policy.

End goals are very different. Its hard to believe bin Laden is an anarchist like Chomsky.