Monday, November 23, 2009

I want my rights, but I wont give yours

The recent bill to outlaw places of worship for non-Muslims infringes on the fundamental rights of a large portion of the expatriate population in Maldives. It goes to show the lack of tolerance and respect for people who do not think the same as we do.

We are ok to invite them with job offers because we derive an economic benefit.

We are ok to invite them to our beautiful islands because we derive an economic benefit.

We are ok to sell them alcohol because we derive an economic benefit.
We are ok to go to their countries for our holidays and medical treatments because we are benefiting.

We are ok to watch their TV and movies and subject ourselves to the cultural/religious influence because we like the entertainment.

We are ok to study in their medium and their universities and pass in their exams because it betters ourselves.

But when it comes to their fundamental rights, we are not ok because we don't like it. We come up with all sorts of excuses of cultural/religious disharmony, etc etc. Is harmony achieved by denying the rights of people? Those who support the ban are probably the ones who would first yell 'freedom of religion' if and when non-Muslims wield much power over their rights. Or do they not believe that freedom of religion is a fundamental right?

We have thrown away the tyranny by dictator and replaced it with tyranny by majority.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why expats still live here, serving the national economy and providing essential services such as teaching, medical service (doctors)etc.
Most of the expats in my view stay for about a year maximum i.e until they see the real maldivian life.

well first they see the waving palm trees in the beach on Travel brochures and look for a job here. these are mostly people who apply in our tourism industry.
when they arrive here, disappointed they see there is no social life here and basically nothing much except money and religion.

People of Maldives have not learned to live.

don't these MP's know that most of the crucial services today are provided by non-muslims working in this country, both volunteers and those with paying jobs. HOw stupid can these beer bellies in majlis be.

Anonymous said...

i want a job. i am a local. i am angered by all these pampering to the expats when ppl like me go everyday looking for job anywhere, any kind of work. whither is justice? i dont care weather they worship or not but i wish the govt will try to fund more ways to create jobs for local person like myself rather than waste milions to guage public mood to construct churches and temples.

salaan galaan.

Anonymous said...

you can always do what the expat do: construction.

or is that above you?

Abdul-Rahman's Blog said...

ankyou so much for this article...and for bringing it to my attention...The

Abdul-Rahman's Blog said...

Sorry, I hit the wrong key. I meant to say, thankyou so very kindly for this article. It is true that Islam has been the pride, the strength and therefore the key to psychological wholeness, and consequentially the sovereignty of the Dhivehin. However, at some point in time, identity pride became hyper nationalism and hatred, and that is wrong, as it is not in keeping with the overall character of the Maldivian form of Islam which had been by in large a peaceful, mystical Islam.

In actual fact, 99 percent of Christians, or Buddhists or Hindus do not feel the need for a specific place of worship. It is just as meaningful to pray in one's room or anywhere alone or with work colleagues or with whoever than in a building called a temple or a Church. But we all know, that is not the issue at hand.
The issue is, the hatred and intolerance displayed by such a stance. The arguments against freedom of worship for other religions is based on misconceptions about other religions being a threat to the Maldivian dignity.

The most important thing you pointed out was the inconsistency when it comes to talk of rights. We are all for all and for all human rights when it comes to our own rights, but reprees others rights at the same time!!! The hypocrisy is terryfying!

meekaaku said...

Intolerance and hypocrisy at its highest level. Not the way forward for a civil society.

Lets see how maldivians react to the Swiss ban of minarets.

Anonymous said...

there are lots of people looking for maids, baby sitters, for odd jobbers, construction workers, etc. But all these people wont or cant afford to pay a salary considered good enough for a maldivian so they look for an expat.