Monday, July 13, 2009

on liberty and freedom

The recent ban of Airtel has resulted in a bit of a backlash towards MoIA and Adhaalath party. Lots of people have been condemning the ban.

Most of the objections have been due to the fact that Airtel is quite popular among the Maldivians and is being used by a lot of people. It is far cheaper and has more channels than the local cable providers. As such, the religious reasons given could be just an excuse to disguise the behind the scene lobby efforts by the existing cable providers.

But the funny thing is, there will be no public revolt when the government blocks a website, or bans something used by a few people. A ban is a ban, whether it is of a popular item or not. As such, the real question is, do we really want the government telling us what can and cannot be used by us? Have we already given up our liberty and freedom, so that some of them can be given back to us piece by piece by the state? Or are we born free with freedom of thought and expression?


Stewie said...

agree, the minority is always disregarded. so my question is what freedom and liberty are we talking about? did we ever have freedom? isn't it always govt who tells us what we can do and what we can't do? isn't that the truth!

“Democracy: In which you say what you like and do what you’re told.” — Dave Barry

meekaaku said...

It is true that in Maldives atleast it used to be and still is the case where govt tells what we can and we cannot do.

The current constitution tries to formulate it the other way (whats explicitly not prohibited is allowed), but fails in that respect.

Yaamyn said...

The funny part is, the moment there was a backlash, it was as if someone stepped on their dicks, as the President would put it.

Saw how they first intoned with the 'Islam forbids everything' speech, then issued a ban, faced a barrage of criticism, backtracked, and then eventually denied everything?

That's what happens when they're totally out of touch with reality.

@meekaku : the current constitution is a set of reasonable statements which comes with an unacceptable rider : "as long as its within the tenets of Islam'.

And then we handed over the document to a bunch of clowns who get to define, manipulate and add to Islam on the go.

meekaaku said...

Not only that. I quote the constitution:

"...People’s Majlis can limit the rights and freedoms to any extent..."

So our freedoms are just a penstroke away from being taken. why should the peopls's majlis have this right? See here