Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some questions for parliamentary candidates

Having watched some of the TVM 'debates', I wonder how will the candidates fair if they are asked some real political questions. Questions about issues that this country is facing, instead of giving them an easy ride by asking stupid questions. This way, the public can know what kind of policy stand their candidates favour.

Here are some questions, that I think are more relevant to the real world. Feel free to suggest more.

1. Do you agree that the current government's plans of privatisation of key sectors such as energy, health, education, utilities etc, will result in better and cheaper services for the public? How do you think standard of living, income disparity and poverty will change if such economic policies are adopted?

2. Maldives is currently facing proliferation of various religious sects, other religions and atheism. Should the state impose (by law) a certain sect of Islam? If so which sect, and how do we decide which sect? Or should the state allow anyone to practice their own selected sect of Islam, or allow complete freedom to choose one's own religion/sect?

3. Should the state have the right to monitor (internet, phones and other activities) of individuals in the hope of controlling 'social ills' such as religious extremism, other religions, homosexuality, pedophilia, drugs etc?

4. Do you consider the current drug laws sufficient? If not would you advocate more towards decriminalisation/rehabilitation or stricter criminal punishment?

5. If and when a tax system is introduced, should there be higher taxes with more government role in the society, or low taxes with less role for the government in the society?

I think such questions will reveal what the candidates really stand for and what their thoughts are (if they have thought of these problems at all) on these matters. It will help you in deciding who to vote for based on whether the candidates agree with you on what you think how these issues should be addressed.

Any suggestions/improvements are welcome.


fali said...

ha ha only a minority will be able to make any kind of coherent answer to those questions. but it'll be fun to watch the majority of the candidates making a fool of themselves and really showing how dumb they are

Alif Laam Gaaf said...

Good questions. But trust me, they can’t answer these questions. How could they answer such a credible set of questions when they are failing to answer very simple questions which are almost like common sense questions? Just see how they go on making promises on TVM debate saying they will make harbors, sport grounds, create jobs, etc...(You name anything ...they had promised it.) This shows the fact that they are not matured enough to know what they are and who they are going to be. Though there are some members who are good in answering, this is the case with most of them.
I wish hope and pray that, we the people of this nation will be matured enough to chose the best possible person. At the end we only can hope.

axee said...

I blame the media+journalists on their inability to ask gud questions....the reason maybe due to the tight lid on them for the last 30 years....

Anonymous said...

this looks interesting to me.

meekaaku said...


its interesting, addressing income disparity at the constitution level. i wish he delve into the details of how to attain it. income redistribution via taxes, or providing economic opportunities or how.