Saturday, March 28, 2009

EEZ licenses

Some of the Majlis members have called for the revocation of the fishing licenses given to the foreign companies for fishing in the Maldivian EEZ. Their demand is basically for immediate cancellation of those licenses.

One wonders whether these parliamentarians are actually honest in their call for solving the fisherman's problems. Considering the timing of these calls, could this be another stunt to garner the votes? Everyone agrees there are problems that need to be addressed, but apparently no one agrees on how to address them.

Talking of revoking the foreign companies' licenses, it is time for the public to call for revocation of the zone licenses that some of these vocal parliamentarians have. It is very likely that the foreign companies' licenses will be revoked only to be replaced with licenses for these selected Maldivian companies who already control the entire export of tuna stock. But you will never see them calling for revoking of their very own licenses.

As long as our fishermen are made to sell their catch to selected few zone holders, we will see no cease to the problems. The fishermen are denied their right to a just price, just like the shell collectors in Elvisdam.

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